Trivela Group Proposes Acquisition of Drogheda United FC

DROGHEDA, October 12, 2023 — The Board of Drogheda United Members Club Ltd has provisionally accepted an offer from Trivela Group, a US sports investment firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, to acquire 100% of Drogheda United FC Ltd. Trivela Group was founded in 2021. The proposed acquisition of Drogheda United FC follows Trivela Group’s previous acquisition of Walsall Football Club of the English Football League in 2022. Prior to this public announcement, Trivela has already completed
full financial, legal, and technical due diligence on the football club, has been confirmed as a suitable club owner by the League of Ireland, and has built out an initial plan for the governance and management of the club in the immediate future.

The Board of Drogheda United Members Club Ltd has been engaged in discussions with several potential investors for Drogheda United FC Ltd since the conclusion of the 2022 season. The aim has been to identify an investor or owner who shares the vision of fully professionalising the club and working towards a new stadium, reflecting a genuine commitment to the future of Drogheda United FC.

Post-acquisition, Trivela Group plans to increase investment in the club’s front-office operations, implement a comprehensive long-term plan to fully professionalise the sporting department, increase the overall fan experience at Weavers Park in the short term, and begin discussions around a new stadium for Drogheda United FC for the long term. In the revised governance structure, Wesley Hill, Vice President of Trivela Group, will join the Drogheda Board as the Executive Director, overseeing day-to-day operations on behalf of Trivela Group and managing the club’s public communications. Hill will collaborate closely with Matt Jordan, Trivela’s VP of Football, to implement the organisation’s technical processes within Drogheda United FC under the guidance of Manager Kevin Doherty. Trivela’s Managing Director, Benjamin Boycott, will assume the role of Co-Chair of the club, joining Joanna Byrne in the same capacity.

Chairperson of Drogheda United FC, Joanna Byrne, stated, “Among the numerous prospective investors we engaged with, Trivela Group stood out due to their emphasis on community, facilities, and engagement. We are excited to welcome them to Drogheda United and are confident that their impact will extend beyond the club to our town and city.”

Wesley Hill, Vice President at Trivela Group, added, “Our interactions with Drogheda United and The League of Ireland have been fantastic. Their support and effort has been invaluable throughout this process. A big thank you to everyone that helped us reach this exciting stage, which is only the beginning. While we recognise the potential on and off the pitch, our primary objective is to make a positive impact, and we see this alignment with Drogheda United as an opportunity to enhance not only the club but the entire community.”

Benjamin Boycott, Managing Director of Trivela Group, commented, “We are very pleased with the opportunity to become a part of Drogheda United, a club poised for growth in a very high-potential league. We are particularly drawn to the club’s history, strong community ties, sporting potential, and the economic potential of the town. In addition to Drogheda’s standalone potential, we believe that when tied in with Walsall Football Club, both clubs stand to benefit significantly.”

The acceptance of the Board’s decision is subject to approval by the Members of Drogheda United Members Club, which currently retains control over the club. The vote is set to take place at a Special General Meeting on 6th of November 2023. Prior to the meeting an open forum will be held on the 2nd of November 2023. During this forum, Trivela representatives will present their plans for the club and address inquiries from Members and supporters.

The Board unanimously endorses a favourable vote for the sale, foreseeing an exciting future for Drogheda United and the community the club serves.

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