Statement on match bans

Drogheda United are presently experiencing unprecedented demand for tickets and the support for the team has been nothing short of fantastic.

However, the behaviour of a small minority of fans is putting the family friendly atmosphere and safe match night experience we are striving to provide at risk.

Unsavoury behaviour at the UCD away match with flares and a pitch incursion has led to the club issuing a 3 match ban to one fan. This is not something the management of the Club want to be doing, but we have been very clear in our protocols and the levels of co-operation we expect from our fans, be it home or away. Any further breaches of these guidelines will result in similar sanctions.
The club continues to receive fines for this sort of fan behaviour, including the aforementioned pitch incursion. This is money that we would much rather be investing into both the team and our facilities. 

Therefore, we are reminding all fans attending Thursday’s home game against Dundalk that all children under the age of 14, can only access the ground with an accompanying adult and must remain supervised by an adult at all times.

We also remind patrons that any rucksacks, bags etc. must be searched before entry to the stadium is granted. In addition, flares or similar pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited.

We have shown we can have the colour, the noise and the passion in many other ways and we commend our supporters that celebrate in this manner. There will be a zero tolerance approach taken by officials towards any behaviour that puts the safety of our supporters, players and volunteers at risk.

That said, we move on to a sold out derby tonight and we look forward to a great match night experience with you all in Weavers Park.

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