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Pre-Match Reaction: Drogheda United vs Athlone Town – James Brown

By Luke McQuillan

Luke McQuillan: Crucial games to go! How good does it feel been apart of such an intense run in?

James Brown: Yeah massive games ahead every game is important from here on in. Feels good, nothing to strange but as the majority of us have been in these sort of run-ins before especially after last year.

Luke McQuillan: How are you feeling heading into this game tonight against Athlone a team we definitely cannot underestimate?

James Brown: Feeling good, we’re in a good run on form but we’re only as good as our last game we need to stay at that standard for this week. These took points of us earlier in the season and there’s no reason why they can’t do it again so we’ve to be on the ball from the get go.

Luke McQuillan: How are you finding the quick turn around that we have had in the last few weeks obviously most recently when we played 3 games in a week, how did you feel been apart of that, and 3 big wins aswell?

James Brown: It’s never easy the quick turnover of games, not only physically but mentally also, trying to just take one game at a time and not think ahead. We knew going into them games that the week ahead could be crucial in our season but we managed to come out on top in all them. Gives us good confidence and moral going forward.

Luke McQuillan: We are lucky enough to Welcome a restricted crowd into United park tonight! 100 fans will be in tonight, how much of a benefit do you think the fans can be for us in the last few weeks of the season?

James Brown:Having a crowd will make a difference 100% No matter how many it is, the small crowd at the rovers game gave us the extra push we needed that night and hopefully the fans who manage to get in for the remainder of the season!!