Port Access Northern Cross Route – Club Statement

The Board of Drogheda United is dismayed at the decision of the Government not to approve funding for the Northern Cross Route in Drogheda.  This has significant implications on our plans to build a new stadium and training centre for not just Drogheda United but for the people of the town.

But we will not be deterred by this setback.  We have a site, we have a buyer for United Park, we have the backing of the FAI and Louth County Council.  The Northern Cross Route would have given us easier access but we can still look at alternative routes to the site to progress our plans.

We have a Working Group ready to meet with Louth CC to progress different solutions for access to the site and have requested Joan Martin, The Chief Executive of Louth CC, to meet with our representatives in order to agree a way to begin this key project for Drogheda.

As a Community-based football club, we need to work with Louth CC to kickstart this process so that it enables the next application for Northern Cross Route funding to be successful and demonstrates that we will not be held back by the continued indifference of central government to the largest town in Ireland.

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