Local business world backing the Drogs players

THE wonderful support of the local business community was never more evident when no less than three sponsors gathered to back four Drogheda United players as part of the club’s ‘Player Sponsorship’ programme.
Not only did Mother Hughes, who have always proudly held the title ‘Home of the Drogs’ and their addition in recent times – Bubba’s coffee shop – decide to back a player,  they went for two!

Darragh Nugent and Evan Weir were more than delighted to take a stroll down the Windmill Road to meet up with Robert Byrne and Dean Reynolds.
Rourke Carr explained that the popular public house has always had a close link with Drogheda United and he was more than happy to keep that link going. “We hope they have a great season,” he stated.

And financial expert Francis McTaggart was delighted to meet up with Andrew Quinn, as well as reveal his new ground board. Francis is the founder and principal at Fortitude Financial Planning, based at Barlow House. “It was great to be in Head in the Game Park again and I hope the team can build on what they did last year,” he stated.

Andrew Quinn with his sponsor, Francis McTaggart of Fortitude Financial Planning and Hubert Murphy, General Manager, Drogheda Utd FC.

And Nathan Hallett, a Massage Therapist at Infinity Sports Massage, based at Integral Fitness & Leisure in Bettystown, has decided to back Mark Hughes for 2022 after meeting him last year when he assisted the club as part of his profession.

“I met up with Mark back then and I know how hard he has worked to get ready for this season and when the chance came up to sponsor him I jumped at the chance,” he stated.

Mark Hughes with his sponsor, Nathan Hallett (right) and Hubert Murphy, General Manager, Drogheda United (left).

“It’s great to see the interest in the club from the community and the business world and we have plenty of opportunities still remaining to get behind the club,” General Manager Hubert Murphy stated. He can be contacted on hubertmurphy@droghedaunited.ie

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