Drogheda United FC Secures Ownership of Weavers Park

In a historic move, Drogheda United FC proudly announced today the successful acquisition of Weavers Park (United Park) from the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). This development marks a pivotal moment in the club’s history, signifying a new era of security and strategic advancement.

Originally sold to the FAI in the late 1980s with a repurchase option, Weavers Park has served as the home ground for Drogheda United over the past several decades. The support of the FAI during this period has been instrumental in maintaining the solvency and integrity of Drogheda United.

This transaction, executed through a direct equity capital injection from Trivela Group, ensures that Drogheda United now stands as the owner of its stadium, unburdened by any debt.

Following the completion of the transaction, Drogheda United is now committed to delivering a new home stadium in the Drogheda area within a reasonable timeframe, highlighting the club’s dedication to both its supporters and the local community.  Initial work is already underway to move in this direction.

Joanna Byrne, Co-Chairperson of Drogheda United, expressed her excitement, stating, “This is a momentous day for Drogheda United – we are now finally in control of our own facilities and our own destiny as a football club. We will continue to welcome supporters to the ground in the interim and work diligently to develop a new stadium for the club and community.”

The Club’s Executive Director Wesley Hill, an executive at Trivela Group, the owners of Drogheda United, emphasised the significant progress facilitated by Trivela’s investment. “This is a major step forward for the club,” Hill affirmed, “allowing us to plan for future stadium development while retaining control of our current home. In the short term, we will enhance the supporter experience at Weavers Park, while actively pursuing future developments. We also thank the FAI for their support in promoting further stadium infrastructure development for Drogheda United and the League of Ireland.”

Mark Scanlon, Director of the League of Ireland, stated, “Today marks a landmark day for Drogheda United FC and we are pleased to be able to agree to the Club’s acquisition of Weavers Park which will provide the next significant step in the growth of League of Ireland football in Drogheda. We’d like to thank everyone at Drogheda United and the Trivela Group for their important and diligent work in reaching this point. With attendances rising at a tremendous rate over recent seasons as well as the growth of the male and female teams at the Club, the opportunity is there for the Club to build the infrastructure which is extremely necessary to help the Club realise its true potential in becoming an even bigger cornerstone of the community in Drogheda. We look forward to working with everyone at Drogheda United for the future of League of Ireland football in the area.”

For the first time in circa 35 years, Drogheda United will play in a stadium that it owns on Monday the 4th of March. We ask our supporters to come and join us at the match and celebrate this important day.

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