Club Statement – Pyrotechnics

Fans will be aware from ongoing announcements and engagement with our support base that the use of Flares, Smoke bombs and all types of Pyrotechnics is strictly prohibited at Weavers Park.

Despite continued warnings to our fanbase, this behaviour continues to be a challenge for the club and our match night team to manage.

Sadly, a member of Security received a minor injury to her eye from a travelling particle after Flares / Pyro were lit in the Crosslanes Stand at last Friday’s match against Sligo Rovers.

The injured party attended Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for treatment and we are acutely aware that if it wasn’t for the swift actions of Dr. Kandan Loganathan this injury could have been a lot worse.

As a club, we are working hard to promote a family friendly environment for all to enjoy and will be adopting a zero-tolerance approach to anyone found with, or using Pyro at our matches.

The safety of Staff, Volunteers, Officials and Fans is paramount, and rules are in place to protect everyone who attends Weaver’s Park in any capacity.

As well as the safety risks it poses to those using, and in the vicinity of Pyro, it brings its own troubles for the club to manage. Significant fines over the past two seasons, as well as supporter bans have been troublesome for the club to overcome. It is a loss of revenue that could be invested elsewhere into the stadium and other areas of the club.

If this behaviour continues clubs are potentially facing stadium and/or stand closures, and frankly our team and management deserve more than that.

Anyone identified partaking in such behaviour will be ejected immediately and punitive sanctions will follow.

This is the final warning before the Club has to act.

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