Club Statement on Pyrotechnics

Drogheda United Football Club is urging supporters to refrain from using pyrotechnics during the 2024 season.

Fans will be aware from ongoing announcements and engagement with our support base that the use of flares, smoke bombs and all types of pyrotechnics is strictly prohibited at Weavers Park and all other League of Ireland stadiums.

As a club, we are working hard to promote a family friendly environment for all to enjoy and will be adopting a zero-tolerance approach to anyone found with or using pyro at our matches.

As well as the safety risks it poses to those using, and in the vicinity of pyro, it brings its own troubles for the club to manage. Significant fines over the past two seasons, aswell as supporter bans have been troublesome for the club to overcome. It is a loss of revenue that could be invested elsewhere into the stadium and other areas of the club.

If this behaviour continues clubs are potentially facing stadium and/or stand closures, and frankly our team and management deserve more than that.

Anyone identified partaking in such behaviour will face an indefinite ban from home and away matches.

Sanctions like this is not something the club wants to be issuing but will act on it when required. Instead, we encourage our fans to continue supporting the team in other fashions. Keep bringing the colour in the form of flags and some of the fantastic banners we’ve seen our supporters produce, keep singing your hearts out for the team we all love, and let’s work together to be the 12th man in a safe, enjoyable atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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