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How to enter – ‘Bring a Drog Home’ Competition

Terms and Conditions


The Promoter may disqualify you at any time if the Promoter is of the view that you have not complied fully with the     terms and conditions contained herein or if the Promoter is of the view that you are not suitable to take part in the competition.



You hereby expressly warrant without any qualification whatsoever that you are physically and mentally capable of     partaking in the competition and you hereby covenant and agree that you shall not endanger yourself or others by your participation in the competition and shall in any event fully indemnify and  make good any and all losses direct or indirect, damages, claims and expenses (including legal expenses) incurred or suffered and sustained by the Promoter or any third party resulting directly or indirectly from your participation in the competition.

Right of Record

Promoter’s decisionis final


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