Amalgamation Update


We are gradually working towards full integration of both organisations. Many of our teams are now playing in full Drogheda United kits and now accurately referring to themselves as Drogheda United, with the rest to follow for the new season in September. So now your club has an U8 boys team, an U11 girls team, and an U18 community team among others!

All the children are extremely excited and are wearing the shirt with a lot of pride.

As some of our teams reach the end of their season, we have been able to further house our underage LOI teams for training at Marley’s Lane, this will decrease the spend on pitch rental which means we will have more funds available for development of the training ground.


We are only weeks away from the new clubhouse going to tender. The experts tell me that it is feasible that the building can be completed before Christmas, so fingers crossed!

We have also started the planning process for the first full size all-weather pitch at the ground. We hope to again utilise the Sports Capital Programme to enable us to build it and although I am always nervous putting time-frames out there at the start of a project, we could be looking at the middle of the year next year if all goes well.

Women’s Football

This is more of a teaser as this story deserves its own issue, but we have made some very important appointments recently on the women’s front which we will update you all a little more on over the next fortnight.

Drogheda United will be competing on the National Women’s stage very soon!


We would like to thank GemCap, Bridge Engineering, Drogheda Animal Rescue (courtesy of Enda!) and our latest children’s shirt sponsor Diesel. These fantastic organisations have made it a lot easier to get the kids into the official kit as soon as possible and we’d ask you to show them your goodwill any way you can.

Image: Sportsfile.

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